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Greek and Mediterranean kitchen

Greek and Mediterranean kitchen
Greek and Mediterranean kitchen, with modern flavors and traditional ingredients from all over Greece! Most of the products we use are prepared in our kitchen with pure and natural raw materials.
We use only – except of fried food in which we use top quality sun flower oil- extra virgin olive oil from Messinia, which is made exclusively by mechanic methods. The aromatic herbs we use are all produced be us.
We only have fresh greek meat and sausage with natural gut made with our exclusive recipe.
Our pasta is made in our kitchen and is boiled at the time of your order.
Hand- made bread, real French fries freshly- cut by us, greek “fyllo” and pies made every-day by Mrs Anna, master in our menu and invite to into a trip of taste and pyrity since you will never find in our kitchen any form of chemical, preservatives or artificial food colouring.
Also, you will very often find wild meat, poultry and fish which we get from small producers all over Greece.
Also, be aware that our menu every day includes several day courses,
In the pan or the oven, and always fresh fish- sometimes straight ahead from the fisher men- so that our every day costumers have nothing to be worried about!